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Artificial Grass – Will I love it like the real thing?

Artificial Grass – Will I love it like the real thing?

You may still be on the fence about whether or not to install artificial grass in your garden. Perhaps this is because you are unsure as to whether artificial grass will feel plasticky, bristly and uncomfortable.

The good news is that artificial grass has come a very long way in recent years. Vast improvements in the design and production of artificial grass, as well as the materials used to manufacture and install it, have almost eliminated the drawbacks that were traditionally a feature of artificial grass.

The Feel

Many of us love the feel of a beautiful lawn under our feet. So how does artificial grass measure up?

The blades of artificial grass are formed by sending thin nylon or polypropylene sheets through specially designed moulds. This process produces thin blades of grass that have an oval shape and are slightly irregular, which closely resembles natural grass.

Secondly, a filler, which feels very similar to soil, is used keep the blades of grass upright. The result of this is that artificial grass feels genuine underfoot and to the touch.

In short, good quality artificial grass has a soft, comfortable and welcoming feel that mirrors the most beautiful varieties of perfectly maintained, natural grass.

The Smell

DIY artificial grass is made of rubber and other materials that tend to give off unpleasant fumes when exposed to the heat of the sun. Good quality artificial grass however, such as that which we supply at Perfect Grass, has been designed and manufactured using materials that do not smell, even when exposed to high temperatures.

Without proper drainage, hygiene can also be a problem with artificial grass. Urine and water need a means to drain away from the lawn in order to keep it dry and free of stagnant liquid. Besides sanitising your artificial grass from time-to-time, ensuring that you select a professional and reputable artificial grass installer, who will ensure the correct levelling and drainage, is imperative.

The Colour

Artificial grass is often associated with an unnaturally bright, solid colour green lawn. The colour of good quality artificial grass offers the more muted green colours and subtle blade colour variations which closely resemble natural lawn. Depending on the variant you choose, a high-end artificial lawn, such as our Spring Series – 30mm, will even include the light-brown root-level tufting that is found in natural grass.

The Texture

Thanks to the materials used in the manufacture of artificial grass, as well as the filler used to keep the blades of grass upright, artificial grass has the same basic texture, shape and size as natural grass. This means that the grass reacts in the same way as natural grass.

After running on artificial grass, playing on it and so forth, the blades of grass found in a good quality product, bounce back up just as natural grass does.

Some types of artificial grass, such as the range we supply at Perfect Grass, are so well manufactured, that you would need to get down to ground level and inspect the grass very closely to determine whether it is the real deal or not.

But don’t take our word for it! Why not give us a call today and arrange a consultation at no charge to you. We will provide samples of our artificial grass range for you to touch and feel, which is the best way for you to make sure whether artificial grass is the lawn solution you’ve been looking for.

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