17 Jan

Artifical Grass – Is it safe for Children?

Artifical Grass – Is it safe for Children?

Get Natural Looking, Quality Artificial Grass that Is child friendly

There is so many artificial grass products on the market and it is so difficult to choose one that is child friendly. Parents today are more conscious of health and safety both at home and at school. Child playing areas take a lot of wear and tear; this is where a child friendly artificial lawn comes into its own.

Quality Artificial Grass can withstand a lot of heavy traffic and it doesn’t flatten down as you might expect. Instead it bounces back to its original form once given a quick brush. It is important to install an artificial grass product with a taller pile height as this will cushion the impact should a child falls or jumps from a jungle gym onto the artificial grass area. Most companies and an sand or rubber infill on the grass but at perfect Grass we don’t insert either of this as the quality of the grass is dense and thicker than most. Think about this for a second, Company A inserts a Sand infill during their preparation, The wind picks up in Cape Town and all this sand blows into your home or school. Company B inserts a Rubber infill during their preparation, The rubber is toxic and children may want to put this into there mouths. Both rubber and Sand infills are inserted to keep the pile of the grass upright however this is an extra cost to the consumer and a health hazard.

Perfect Grass offers a quality product that is affordable and child friendly. A win-win for both the Customer and Perfect Grass.

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