17 Jul

Artificial Grass – Can Artificial Grass be used for Professional Landscaping?

Artificial Grass – Can Artificial Grass be used for Professional Landscaping?

You may be considering a complete revamp of your garden – after all, landscaping not only improves the saleability of your home if you are looking to sell, but also increases its value by up to 15%.

Or, perhaps you are a landscaper considering the possibility of using artificial grass for your next installation?

The move to artificial grass in South Africa has grown exponentially, as our modern climate demands the need to always be aware of our water consumption. Today, water-wise landscaping and gardening is key and artificial grass is becoming increasingly recognised as a viable, long-term alternative to turf for garden designs that seek a lawn area.

Despite this, whether you’re a landscaper or a homeowner seeking to improve your garden, you may still feel that artificial grass, along with ultra-long eyelashes or impossibly tanned skin, looks undeniably and offputtingly cheap and fake. So can you really use artificial grass to landscape your garden?

Great looking artificial grass means quality

Artificial grass has come a very long way in recent years, to the extent that we now have incredibly realistic options available.

From the colour, which is now natural and varied instead of a solid bright green, to soft and ever so slightly irregular textures that mirror genuine turf – some artificial grass is so realistic, that you’d easily mistake it for being completely natural.

Strong chemical odours are also a thing of the past, while the design of the substructure of today’s artificial turf, makes for an extremely pleasing experience.

The challenge lies in finding an artificial grass supplier that is able to deliver the quality options that you need and achieve the look you want.

Companies such as Perfect Grass provide a wide range of premium quality, yet affordable artificial grass options. Take for example our Autumn 30mm artificial grass. This particular option contains no less than three colours, including light, mid and dark green fibres, and has been manufactured to mirror Buffalo grass as closely as possible. You’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference between this product, and the real thing.

A thoughtful landscape design is essential

One of the most fantastic aspects of artificial grass, is that it can be shaped to suit absolutely any garden layout. Landscapers can integrate good quality artificial grass into their garden design to create a completely natural look. Instead of focusing on straight lines, which look unnatural, using flowing contours and the right edging plants, help to create an inviting space that is pleasing to the senses.

Hire a professional artificial grass installer

While an avid gardener or experienced landscaping team may have the skills needed to create a beautiful outdoor space, specific knowledge and know-how is needed to install artificial grass correctly.

For example, the preparation of the surface underneath the area to be grassed, should not only be levelled correctly, but should be removed of debris, rocks, mulch, roots and anything else that could damage the artificial grass. The ‘pile’ of the artificial grass needs to also be considered to ensure a natural look, while seemingly simple matters such as joining each section of grass, needs to be done in the proper manner to ensure a lasting, premium quality outcome.

Work with an artificial grass supplier that understands your needs

A good artificial grass supplier will have the flexibility required to work hand-in-hand with a professional landscaper and an avid gardener. At Perfect Grass, we aim to provide both a product and service that enhances the work that landscapers do, while providing professional advice and assistance that helps clients get the most from their artificial grass for many years to come.

If you are a landscaper or gardener looking for an artificial grass supplier that understands your needs and is a pleasure to work with, then get in touch with us today. One of our consultants will be happy to visit you and advise on the best artificial grass options for your particular needs.

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