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Artificial Grass – Common Myths about Artificial Grass Debunked!

Artificial Grass – Common Myths about Artificial Grass Debunked!

Common Myths about Artificial Grass Debunked!

When talking with a potential clients over the years about installing artificial grass at their homes, several of them had some concerns.

In fact, those concerns were based on information that’s obsolete or was never true in the first place. While not doubting the sincerity of our potential clients, it pays to do your own homework and put these myths about artificial grass to rest.

At Perfect Grass we have decided to write this blog to set the fact straight. To make this situation easier, we’re going to dedicate this blog post to busting these myths and help our clients recognise the false from the facts…

Myth: “It is too expensive”

The cost of artificial grass widely depends on two factors; the grass type you choose and how much area you have to cover. If you only have a small garden to fill, the cost is going to be considerably cheaper than covering a larger area. In addition to this, installing the grass yourself can also help cut down costs associated with artificial grass. It is also important to remember that artificial grass is an investment for the future as most brands are expected to last for at least 20 years when well maintained.

Myth: “Animals don’t like artificial grass”

Pets are not able to tell the difference between real grass and the artificial type, to them it is just grass! Other bonuses include the prevention of them digging up holes all over the garden plus, when they answer nature’s call, the mess can be easily cleaned and will not stain! Also ensure you choose a pet-friendly product which reduces the odour.


Myth: “It looks fake” 

Artificial Grass Cape Town Welegadacht
Artificial Grass Cape Town Welegadacht

Artificial grass has been well designed and adapted over the course of many years. This means that the artificial grass you may remember from a few years ago looks nothing like the artificial grass of 2017. Here at Perfect Grass, we make our artificial grass as realistic as possible whilst maintaining an attractive quality! We encourage our clients to touch and feel the products on the market prior to making an informed decision.

Myth: “The grass is hard and scratchy…”

Once upon a time this was true, but artificial grass is now much closer to imitating real grass. The feel under foot, is soft and spongy which is ideal for for kids and pets. Generally the cheaper the grass, the lower the quality, so always bear that in mind when buying, Quality is key!

Myth: “The Artificial Grass gets too Hot”

The grass manufactured today is designed to reflect rather than absorb heat.
That means it’s still comfortable to walk barefoot across the lawn on a hot summer day. In fact, it will feel much nicer than trying to walk down the paved driveway with no shoes on.

The myths have been busted and the facts have been revealed; it’s time to get in contact with the best suppliers of artificial grass around today!

Get in touch with us today, and one of our consultants will be happy to visit your premises and advise on the best artificial grass options for your particular needs.

Call us on 021 212 9898 (Cape Town) or 010 442 0400 (Johannesburg)

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