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Artificial Grass – Could Johannesburg be greener with Artificial Grass?

Artificial Grass – Could Johannesburg be greener with Artificial Grass?

The dry, rainless, frosty winter in Johannesburg has always decimated our lawns. This coming summer however, the question is whether we will be able to revive our lawns to the luscious, green expanses we all love. Now more than ever, we ask: Is artificial grass the answer?

The South African Weather Service has predicted a 70% probability of El Niño occurrence from mid Spring into Summer.

El Niño is a climate cycle that is associated with warmer than usual weather. While for Cape Town, El Niño means a dry, hot summer as normal, for Johannesburg, this means hotter than normal temperatures and most importantly – less rain. In addition to ongoing water restrictions, the water insecurity that Johannesburg already faces, will be exacerbated by this weather system.

For the lawns that help to beautify Johannesburg with inviting expanses of green in summer, the drought means that we need to consider other options.

Is artificial grass an environmentally friendly choice?

The fact that natural lawns are a terrible and unnecessary drain on water reserves, is inescapable. What is also true however, is that lawns will always be favoured as both a visually appealing addition to the garden, and an important element of recreation.

When it comes to saving water, artificial grass is a definite win for the environment. As opposed to natural lawn which requires regular watering, artificial grass only needs the occasional hose-down to remove dust.

In addition, lawns have long been considered ‘green deserts’ as they contribute little of value to the environment. While natural grass that has been allowed to grow tall provides food and shelter for small wildlife, a trimmed and manicured lawn does none of that.

Some will argue that artificial grass is made from synthetic and even toxic materials, however, as detailed in a previous post ‘Is Artificial Grass Really Green?’, artificial grass is in fact an environmentally friendly alternative to the real thing.

Is artificial grass an affordable alternative?

The installation of a good quality artificial grass from a reputable, experienced service provider, requires a reasonable initial outlay. With prices between just R 300 and R 500 per square meter for a professionally installed lawn (supplied and fitted) however, the average garden will within the period of a few months to a year, recoup that initial outlay. In addition to saving on the cost of watering and the upkeep of an irrigation system, you can also look forward to saving money on pesticides, fertilisers, top-dressing, a garden service and more!

Greener homes, offices and sports fields.

For home-owners, commercial properties, retail outlets, schools and sports-centres – among other locations that value a neat, green lawn – artificial grass provides the perfect solution to the struggle associated with keeping a natural lawn alive.

Hard wearing and resilient to even the highest foot-traffic, artificial grass can be used extensively with only the simplest maintenance to keep it looking great. Unaffected by weather – be that frost or searing heat – artificial grass stays green all year round.

For people living and working in Johannesburg who look forward to the summer rains and the relief to gardens and lawns that this brings, artificial grass is definitely a viable, long-term solution in the face of the impending drought. It is easy to maintain, environmentally friendly, hard-wearing and cost-effective and can be used anywhere that you would want a beautiful, lush, green lawn.

Perfect Grass has offices in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. If you’re looking for a year-round green lawn, give us a call. Our professional installation team has the knowledge and experience to assist residential and commercial clients no matter the application you require.

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