Infectious agents of many kinds are carried by everyone, irrespective of race, colour or creed, and are ever-present in the environment around us. Most are benign, dormant or harmless, but a few represent a very real threat to health and create a major challenge to the Service industry and other sectors.


The purpose of this document is to provide practical guidance on procedures to help minimise the risk of infection amongst our staff and the client by ensuring good standards of hygiene, infection control procedures, as well as providing our staff with appropriate training and equipment.

To provide safety for both the client and our company.


Identifying risk associated with the target Infectious Disease, to create reasonable and sustainable operating protocols that will mitigate or nullify these risks.

Extended Operating Protocols

Managers should consider drawing up local procedures, particular to individual units or services, as necessary. The requirement for such procedures are dependent upon the indications of the risk assessment, for example, where there is known infection or high level risk that represents an assessed hazard. Local procedures must be updated regularly to reflect changing guidance.

1. Workplace, Equipment and Tools

  • Individual appointed to decontaminate the workplace environment to disinfect and equip PPE prior to entering the premises. Then to self-test immediately upon entering workplace environment.
  • Twice per day. Opening and closing of business.
  • All operating and accessed storage areas to be decontaminated with industrial strength disinfectant.
  • All equipment and tools to be decontaminated, this includes vehicles.
  • All staff to be checked and tested for any signs of infection upon arrival.
  • Any staff returning to the premises during the operating hours to disinfect and have PPE equipped at all times.
  • All operating and accessed storage area to be equipped with disinfectant materials to be used during operation, post access.

2. Staff

  • Thrice per day.
  • All staff to be checked and tested for any signs of infection upon arrival.
  • At 12H30 and 16H30, (or post installation, prior to returning to the premises), all staff to be checked and tested for any signs of infection.
  • Any staff member who fails initial testing to be monitored and tested every two hours, quarantined and removed from active staff members.
  • To limit risk of transmission, only designated supervisors, or managers have access to the client or their representative.
  • To minimise risk of transmission, no staff to have contact with any other staff member without first equipping PPE and having being tested.
  • Staff will be issued Travel Guidelines to reduce risk of transmission during travel to and from work.
  • All staff to return to premises at the end of the work day for disinfection and testing.
  • All staff members needing to undergo quarantine are to be handled according to the Staff Quarantine Protocols appended.

3. Installation premises

  • All equipment to be sanitised prior to entering the clients premises.
  • All staff to have been tested prior to entering premises.
  • All staff to be equipped with PPE prior to accessing premises. PPE to be worn at all times. Staff members failing to do so will be removed from the premises and will face severe disciplinary or legal action.
  • Strictly only designated supervisors or managers to interact with client. Severe disciplinary or legal action will be taken against the breach of this protocol.
  • Any areas subject to contamination on the site to be decontaminated post installation with the knowledge and permission of the client.
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