The short answer is YES. Unkept Gardens are a big turn off to property buyers. You may not have given artificial grass much thought before now, but it seems that its popularity is soaring as home owners are increasingly thinking of adding value to their properties whilst saving water and minimising maintenance cost. Artificial grass will improve your property’s curb appeal. Let me illustrate by way of an example. Should you ever put your house on the market, artificial grass will not only add direct value to your house, but will play an aesthetic role in the selling of your home to potential home buyers. When two houses are virtually the same in all other aspects, in similar priced areas, close proximity to schools, transport nodes and shopping centres, the one with more curb appeal will sell faster.

It saves money and time, especially on lawn maintenance, artificial grass improves lifestyle and environmental issues.Low maintenance: the product generates savings on time and up keep cost. This applies to Home owners, elderly for whom maintenance is so times no practical, second/holiday homes owner and also developers, companies and municipalities who have to maintain road verges, city paths and pathways. NO watering: ideal where water is scarce or council water restrictions in place.Environmentally friendly: no need for pesticides or mowing All year round green: aesthetically pleasing to the eye, no matter the time of the year. No more yellow patches on the lawn and no more weeds staring back at you. Clean and hygienically: no degradation by pets

This is not recommended as the existing grass will die and this will have an uneven under surface.

This depends on the use you make of the lawn. It is worth considering the manufacturer guarantee when purchasing a product.

Just hose the artificial grass to clean and wash away any dirt or dust.

Very little indeed. You need to remove any Debris which falls onto the grass. A leaf rake Or garden broom will remove leafs. As our product is permeable water will run through and the fill will also be cleaned.

Pets tend to treat artificial grass like normal grass except they can't dig it up. Any droppings are easy for you to remove or wash away. Perfect grass will not stain.

The simple answer is YES. Artificial grass helps you save water outside because you never need to water the lawn! Your artificial grass in your garden will look as green as the day your artificial grass installation took place. The water that you save by installing artificial grass can be used to ensure that your plants and veggies grow healthy, or you can save the water altogether saving lots of money on your water bills! How much water and money can you save with Artificial Grass? Literally thousands of kilo litres per year!! According to several studies on this matter, a well-maintained lawn averaging around 50m2 will use around 300 kilo litres of water a year to keep it healthy, lush and green, and also depending on where you live, it might be as much as 700 kilo litres due to ground surface area. Let us illustrate an example: The average cost of the current level B tariffs for the city of Cape Town to residential users is around R23,54 per k/Litre for users of under 20 000 k/Litres. The saving of approximately R7000 per annum, which equates to approximately R580 per month on your water bill. Should you have artificial grass installed in your garden you’ll find that you are saving not only on your water bill but also electricity and even maintenance bills. What’s more, water prices will increase in the future as well as maintenance and electricity cost and the price of artificial grass itself may even increase in the future and installing artificial grass today could be a great investment for your home as it will last between 10-20 years.

Prepare the garden for your artificial grass: (1.) Remove existing turf Start by removing the existing turf from your garden. For small areas you can do this with a spade, but if you have a large area to clear hiring a turf cutter can make this job a lot easier and faster. Ideally remove a depth of about 40mm. (2.) Add a sub base layer Spread out a sub-base layer to a depth of 35mm as a base to the artificial turf. (3.) Level the surface Level and compact the sub-base evenly across the area to ensure a firm base below the grass. (4.) Add a membrane layer Roll out a weed membrane over the top of the sand and make sure it overlaps joints by 300mm. How to lay artificial grass (5.) Rolling out the artificial grass Artificial grass doesn’t stand perfectly straight, it has a slight angle to it, and you should lay the grass with the pile leaning towards the house. By doing this you ensure that the grass has a full, natural look when you’re viewing it from the house. Roll out your artificial grass to cover the area, but make sure that the ends of the grass rolls are staggered so they don't end in a line. Trim the edges of the artificial grass rolls with a craft knife. (6.) Joining the artificial grass It is important to make sure the grass rolls are laid in the same direction and that the blades of grass all point the same way. Lay the rolls directly next to each other with no blades caught in-between. How to fix down artificial grass (7.) Fix rolls together Once you have rolled out all of the artificial grass, the different rolls need to be glued together. Use a jointing tape (8.) Create a seamless effect Once two rolls are joined, ruffle up the grass fibers at the joints to disguise the seal. (9.) Make your lawn look neat Finish off by brushing the grass pile with a stiff brush to make it look fuller and more natural.

All gardens depending on size take different time periods but when you place your order we are able to calculate a timescale. On an average garden of 50m2 work on approximately two days.

Yes, We stock different shades of green artificial grass. There is also different colours of artificial grass i.e Red, Blue, pink etc.

There are drainage holes in the perfect grass artificial grass products which allow for water drainage through the product as well as our product has a permeable backing that drains water at a rapid rate. It is important to ensure that the base has sufficient drainage. The engineering of the turf backing coupled with the sub-base creates a wonderful drainage system for your lawn.

Yes, You would get guidance from the Home Owners Association Handbook or contacting the estate office would point you in the right direction.

This is our favourite question! Simply put, Perfect Grass has the best product on the market and is the closest alternative to natural looking grass. A superior product, coupled with professional service, makes Perfect Grass the ONLY artificial grass of choice for your home or business. There are various newcomers in the artificial grass market however they Not one offer the level of quality and service that Perfect Grass will give you. If you are considering a lesser product, please be certain that you are dealing with a reputable firm that performs their own installations (doesn’t use subcontractor), has a public Liability insurance and pay all our stall the minimum wage . Avoid the pain of a lawn that does not last, requires annual maintenance and does not live up to claims of good drainage. As with everything else in life, you get what you pay for! And remember, be cautious of those companies that are proposing to put the same exact turf that are on athletic fields at your residence or business. The sparse turf with significant amount of infill is great for fields but is not so great aesthetically or functionally for a residence or business. Perfect Grass carries lines of artificial grass that have been designed and manufactured for your specific need.