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Have you chosen artificial grass that lasts?

Have you chosen artificial grass that lasts?

Previously the preference of those with an aversion to lawnmowers and daily watering, artificial grass has quickly gained popularity in recent months. So in deciding on artificial grass for your outdoor space, durability is one of the considerations that would (or should) be high on your list of priorities. For the sort of outlay you can expect, you really want something that lasts!maltese-thinkingCape Town enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate. This means hot, dry summers and cool to cold and wet winters. Johannesburg on the other hand is classified as subtropical, with warm, wet summers and mild to cold, but generally dry winters.

Although Johannesburg weather is a little more forgiving than Cape Town, our South African climate is undeniably harsh. It stands to reason then, that anything outdoors is liable to take a beating.

If you really want to get the most bang for your buck, only the most durable, professionally installed artificial grass will do.

So what should you be looking for when choosing artificial turf that will last?

  1. Quality, not cost.
    You may be thinking that cheap does not pay, and you would be right! But just because some suppliers of artificial turf carry a heavy price-tag, does not mean that they offer a durable product. Insist on quality above all else. Typically, the lighter and finer the synthetic grass, the cheaper the material that it’s made from. Ask to walk on the turf your supplier offers you and check the quality and density of the mesh weave – or the underside of the synthetic turf.
  1. Designed and manufactured for the South African climate.
    Not all artificial turf is made equal. Though your artificial grass may be manufactured outside of the country, it is essential to find a supplier that imports synthetic turf that has been designed for our climate. Don’t feel shy to find out about who designed the grass you are looking at, the standards the product adheres to, as well as the materials and the manufacturing techniques used. As a final deciding question, you should definitely ask whether the synthetic grass on offer, has been PROVEN to withstand our harsh climate!
  1. Professional installation.
    As with anything, shoddy workmanship will ruin otherwise good materials. Even the very best synthetic turf will fail if installed incorrectly. This is where references are key. When a synthetic grass supplier has a history of happy clients, they will have plenty of individuals who will be quite willing to offer candid feedback on their experience. Be specific. Ask to speak to references who have had their grass for the longest time and when speaking to these references, remember to enquire about how their synthetic turf has held up against the climate and wear. Also check whether your supplier uses sub-contractors for installation, or whether they install artificial grass using their own skilled teams.

Our products carry up to a 10 year warranty depending on the product chosen. Perfect Grass also offers a workmanship guarantee on installations.

Artificial grass is not cheap, but remember that for residential customers, artificial grass will increase both the value and saleability of your property, while for commercial clients, you will be looking at a host of cost and maintenance related benefits. Rather take your time choosing a synthetic grass supplier that you can trust. Ask as many questions as you need to ensure you make an informed decision and get the best possible returns on your financial investment.

At Perfect Grass we have sourced a range of premium quality synthetic grass options that we ourselves would be happy to invest in for our own premises. For Cape Town customers, it is probably a relief to know that thanks to our dedicated relationship with our manufacturer, we have maintained a steady supply of stock. Following the recent drought, finding artificial grass in Cape Town has become tricky!

We know that our product stands the test of time, and thanks to our highly skilled team, every installation so far, has been a success. Having said this, we welcome your questions! Get in touch with us today to find out more about what we can offer you. We believe we have struck the balance between outstanding quality and affordability and we are sure that once you have worked with us, you will agree.

Call us on 021 212 9898 (Cape Town) or 010 442 0400 (Johannesburg)

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