30 May

Golfer’s Paradise – Having an artificial putting green at home

Golfer’s Paradise – Having an artificial putting green at home

A residential putting green is easy to create with Perfect Grass synthetic lawn. It can be as large or small as required and provides a realistic look and the feel of a professional putting green right in your garden. A garden putting green provides a safe place for the entire family – and friends – to learn the basics of golf without having to pay expensive golf course fees and spend hours away from home.

Synthetic Putting Greens are more accepted as artificial grass materials improve. These materials are constantly subjected to rigorous laboratory studies, game tests and simulations so the ball behaviour is similar to that of a natural grass golf course.

In golf, the use of artificial grass becomes more important when installed in the areas that receive most of the use, the coloured materials are favourable since the balls will not get lost.

The versatility and variety of textures, colours and heights are what make the artificial grass an increasingly used product in sports such as golf, football, rugby, handball, etc. It admits and even facilitates the practice of sports every day due the enormous advantages its resistance provides and its low maintenance cost.

The advantages of artificial grass compared to natural grass also applies to gardens, playgrounds and recreational areas in homes, schools, churches, and commercial buildings, whether the grass is placed indoors or exposed to the environment.

Guaranteed Product

The artificial grass when installed by professionals like Perfect Grass  is proven to be a product that will remain in excellent conditions for over ten years and will allow a significant saving in maintenance costs.

Because of these and many other reasons a putting green at home is a golfer’s dream. Perfect Grass provides a turnkey solution from design the putting course, installing the artificial putting green as well as providing the putting cups and flags.

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